Online Law Schools: Are They Worth It?

2009-10 Report
Published:  March 22, 2009

"Finally, I read something meaningful
about going to online law school. A
must read for prospective students."

-- Marc LaPierre


Welcome Future Law Students!


My name is JT Weir.  For over 5 years, I was a law school admissions professional at one of the top law schools in the United States. 

During that time I saw the dreams of thousands of prospective lawyers crushed by the law school admissions process.  The process, aided by strict American Bar Association (ABA) regulations, has pushed law school tuitions ever higher, while keeping minorities and the working class from pursuing their dream of a legal education. It's has never been harder to get into law school and earn that coveted JD degree.

Now, a new breed of law school -  the online law school -  has been born.  Outside of the aegis of the ABA  these law schools deserve your attention and consideration.  You won't read about them in US News and World Report or in The New York Times but they do exist and their graduates are practicing law all over the United States.  Typically, they are accredited but just not by the ABA.

Not surprisingly, more and more prospective law students are considering online law schools.  Are you? Online law school offers you flexibility, lower tuition (relative to traditional law schools) and the ability to set your own pace as you study law.  Not to mention the accessibility that traditional law schools are so sorely lacking. Yet, serious questions remain about the integrity of online, for profit law schools and the quality of education you will receive.

If you are even remotely considering attending an online law school, you need to read my exclusive report.  It's only $14.99 and it's worth every penny.  It's called "Online Law Degrees: Are They Worth It?"

Online law school will cost you close to $10,000 a year. Don't embark on this adventure without the unbiased truth. Let's face it - you need to turn away from the stakeholders - the Law School Admissions Council, the American Bar Association and the Online Law Schools themselves - in order to hear the truth.  My stake is in telling you the truth. 

Let me help you make this very important life altering question. Before you proceed in your education you will need to get the following questions answered:

Is an Online Law Degree a Valid Degree?
Which Schools, If Any, Offer the Most Promising Career Prospects?
Are You Well Suited to Learn Law Online?
How Will You Pay for Online Law School?

"This report is a must read. It covered
things that haven't been covered
elsewhere.  I can now make the decision as to whether or not to attend an Online Law School."

-- Joel Diaz, California

The report will answer these questions and so much more. You'll get the inside track on online law degrees from Concord Law School, Abraham Lincoln Law School and the Taft Law School. Together, they are the leaders in online legal education offering law programs that will help you earn that JD degree online. Armed with this report, you will be able to make a decision as to which, if any, online law school is best for you.

This report is 100% guaranteed to be as advertised. If you're not satisfied you will receive a refund.  What are you waiting for?  As a special bonus, we'll throw in our exclusive report "How to Pay for Law School Without Paying Through the Nose" and our best selling ebook "The 7 Secrets to Law School Admissions" Your purchase will be available immediately for download.


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